'New Moon' Clothing Line Launched By Nordstrom

From InStyle/Nordstrom Yesterday we took a look at some brave Twilighters who expressed their love for the vampire saga in indelible ink. But if you're not ready for something quite so permanent, there is a dazzling alternative. Twilight clothing! (And we're not talking about the gothy black threads at Hot Topic.)

Nordstrom is launching a "Twilight Saga: New Moon" clothing line that will debut in the department store come October, reports InStyle. The collection (view InStyle's gallery of select items here) features a variety of graphic tees with messages like "Bet You Can't Read My Mind," "Forks High School," and of course "Team Edward" and "Team Jacob" (why can't we all just get along?). You'll also find jewelry (like a Cullen crest necklace), jackets and dresses.

With the collection debuting just in time for the sequel's November release, you can have a different "New Moon"-inspired outfit for the midnight premiere, the day after second viewing, and so on and so on...

Check back later with Hollywood Crush to see more of this new clothing line as it's making its full debut after the "New Moon" panel at Comic-Con tonight, and you'd better believe we already have a reporter standing by to get the scoop and take lots of pictures!

What do you think of Nordstrom's "Twilight" clothing line? Will you be buying any pieces when it hits racks in October?