'New Moon' Mania Sweeps Comic-Con, & MTV Is In The Bigger, Better 'Twilight' Booth

New Moon at Comic-ConGreetings from San Diego, Twilighters! Your MTV Movies team has hit the ground running — and naturally, one of our first stops during Wednesday’s Comic-Con preview night was the Summit booth, home to the next “Twilight” movie.

Now, you might remember that last year’s booth was a bit — how shall we put this? — ; ess than eye-dazzling. It was Summit Entertainment’s first year at the world’s biggest comic convention, few outside the fandom had heard of “Twilight,” and the biggest attraction they had was a cardboard cut-out of Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, available for photos.

This year, “New Moon” mania is in full effect. An impressive booth sits in the middle of the convention floor, showing off three enormous character photos of Rob, Kristen and Taylor Lautner. A spinning, “Let’s Make a Deal”-like wheel gives fans the opportunity to win all kinds of “Twilight” swag, and the lines promise to be as long as the list of high schools the Cullens have attended.

The coolest part of the booth, however, once again revolves around a photo op — although this year’s is far cooler. You can sit in a massive Volturi-style chair just like those soon to be occupied on screen by the vampire coven from Volterra, Italy. After the studio takes your photo, however, they’ll superimpose the actual Italian background from the “New Moon” flick, and then e-mail it to you. How cool is that?

Sadly, the Volturi picture booth was still being assembled when we visited Wednesday night, or else I’d have attached a pic to this Blog post. The studio has assured me that it will be up and running Thursday morning — just in time to take advantage of the “Twilight” insanity that is sweeping San Diego. On Wednesday evening, lots of people could be seen lined up for the Summit panel in Hall H (check out our full overnight report from that line of dedicated fans here), and whether it’s the cool booth, exclusive footage, or a “Twilight” star in the flesh, there’ll be lots to see during Thursday’s eagerly-anticipated events.

Are you here at Comic-Con? Check out the “New Moon” booth, and then tell us what you think!