Comic-Con: Twilighters Begin Overnight Vigil For 'New Moon' Panel - Here's Our Live Report!

Twilighters on line at Comic-ConBy Vaneta Rogers

The "New Moon" panel at San Diego Comic-Con might not start for another 18 hours, but "Twilight" fans aren't taking a chance on missing it!

The most dedicated fans started lining up two days early just to make sure they could get a front row seat to see Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner and other stars of the movie. As the final

night before the big panel begins now, there are already more than 500 people camping out to attend the most anticipated panel at Comic-Con.

Aura Reynolds and Liberty Griffen nabbed the first spot in the long line by getting here Tuesday night at 9 p.m. with their daughters Rebecca and Kristen. Their yellow and blue tent marks the beginning of rows upon rows of tents, chairs and blankets that form the twisting line outside Hall H, where the panel takes place at 1:45 p.m. tomorrow. The landscape looks like a giant family picnic, with bright-colored folding chairs and sleeping bags littered with black Twilight T-shirts and banners.

Security has moved the line a few times already, making sure that in the morning, there will be some kind of order when the throngs of Twilight fanatics file into the panel. Although the campers have had to pick up their sleeping bags and blankets and move more than once, everyone’s in a great mood, knowing that Twilight fans everywhere wish they were here with us!

Now that it actually is “twilight,” which we all know is Edward’s favorite time of day, there’s a lot of buzz among the fans about just what we’re going to see tomorrow. When I asked a big group of people in line what they want to see in the new footage that director Chris Weitz promised for tomorrow’s panel, the leading answer was “the Volturi,” although a lot of the girls in line admitted they wouldn’t mind seeing more footage of Taylor Lautner without a shirt. With talk like that, it’s going to be difficult for any of us to get to sleep tonight!