'Hills' Star Holly Montag Shows Off Her New Coquette Jewelry Line (Which Doubles As A Weapon)

Stephanie Pratt has a handbag line. LC, Heidi and Whitney have all tried their hands at fashion lines. And, now Holly Montag is the latest "Hills" darling to go into the fashion industry with her very own jewelry line, Coquette.

"[It's the] French word for women who use their feminine wiles to get what she wants. It’s rocker-chic sort of. It’s hard chains, heavy, high-end luxury," she told MTV News about the line. "It’s stuff you wear that’s dainty but also something you could beat people up with. Which to me is the most important thing, which means you have a weapon while also looking fashionable."

Press play above to see Holly talk about the "weapon" and keep reading for more on her new line after the jump.

What we really wanted to know was if she has ever had an opportunity to rock the jewelry as a weapon? "I had a male that was getting frisky, that actually stole a purse from my friend, Stacy the bartender, and I was fortunate to have my jewelry which is heavy metal and silver chains and wrapped it around my knuckles," she (we hope) jokingly explained. "And the guy dropped it and ran for the hills, because he was scared out of his mind. I’m not saying that without merit."

Holly MontagThe reality star that the line is "very versatile" and "you can wear it multiple ways." (Pictured right is the designer herself wearing her first piece as a belt and necklace.) Holly, who admits she's always had a passion for fashion even while attending film school, says that she's always been making jewelry and that she's "been designing since I was really little."

"I went to school for film obviously, but I had never stopped designing and cutting up things, going to the store, sewing my pieces together and making my own jewelry. I’ve made jewelry for my parents and all my family members for Christmas for the last 8 or 9 years."

So, what do you think? Will you be buying Holly's jewelry?