Gerard Butler Tells 'The Ugly Truth' This Weekend So We've Identified His Ugliest Roles

Gerard ButlerI think it’s safe to say that nowhere on Earth could Gerard Butler be considered an ugly man. The Scottish heartthrob has been steadily working his way into the spotlight for years with roles in “Timeline” and “The Phantom of the Opera.”  But it was his role as the ripped and skimpily clad King Leonidas in “300” that really made everyone sit up and pay attention. Since “300” he’s embraced his romantic side and opted to make girls cry in “P.S. I Love You,” and wince with “The Ugly Truth.”    

While Gerard Butler is the perfect heartthrob we all dream about, his “Ugly Truth” character Mike Chadway is the one we usually meet in real life. In order to balance the scales, and bring the hunky Scot back down to earth,after the jump, we look back on his ugliest roles to date:

Fast Food poster1. “Fast Food”

One of Gerard Butler’s first films, “Fast Food” is a grungy Scottish tale about a gang of thugs who cook up a grand scheme to rob a local mobster.Butler (pictured, far right on the movie's poster) plays Jacko, a repellent sociopath who lounges around unwashed, unkempt, and often wearing nothing but leopard print briefs.  His main adversary in the film isn’t even the local underworld, but the poor fast food delivery guy who always delivers the wrong pizza. When the delivery guy delivers one pineapple pizza too many, even Jacko’s friends are shocked at his dark side.

Dimension Films2. “Dracula 2000”

Butler’s first American film found him stepping into the fangs of the most famous vampire since Edward Cullen: Dracula. While his Dracula looks pretty good once he gets some fresh blood into him, there’s no getting around his aura of pure and ruthless evil. Plus, you have to share him with his three other brides. Where’s the fun in that?

Shooters poster3.“Shooters”

This indie jaunt had a role for every up-and-coming UK actor who wanted to show off his dark and dirty side.  Naturally, one of these gents was Gerard Butler, who plays a well-dressed gangster named Jackie Jr.  It’s certainly one of his ugliest characters due to all the coke-snorting, prostitute visiting, and skull smashing he does.  But he spends his final scene of the film wearing nothing but a yellow towel, so you might have something to distract you from the violence.

The Cherry Orchard poster4. “The Cherry Orchard”

In this 2000 adaptation of Anton Chekhov’s classic play, Butler plays the rakish manservant Yasha.  He’s lived in Paris with the play’s tragic Mrs. Ranevsky and has become a well traveled and well educated young man. Unfortunately, he knows it, and toys heartlessly with a servant girl named Dunyasha, and gives the cold shoulder to his own mother. He runs back to Paris the first chance he gets, leaving all the women who love him behind.

Paramount Pictures5. “Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life”

Butler’s Terry Sheridan is just a bad guy all around. When we first meet him, he’s double-crossed everyone, including England and Lara Croft, and is languishing in a Kazakhstan prison. Croft springs him, and every time she relaxes and trusts his roguish grin and leather jacket, he finds a way to backstab her again. If Lara Croft can’t tame that dark side of his, what chance do we have?

Which role do you think was the ugliest for Gerard? And will you be seeing "The Ugly Truth" this weekend?