'New Moon': New Stills From The Film Give You Even More Reason To Celebrate The Moon Today!

What a "New Moon"-filled week we have planned (er, not to mention today is the 40th anniversary of the first U.S. landing on the moon)! Thursday, lucky Comic-Con attendees will get a chance to see exclusive footage (and the cast!) in an hour long Summit Entertainment panel, but for those of you too impatient to wait four more days, here's a look at some new stills from the set (and make sure to click on the photo to see the full gallery of "New Moon" stills we've collected so far):

In this behind-the-scenes photo, director Chris Weitz talks with Kristen Stewart, Ashley Greene and Taylor Lautner in what looks to be the infamous scene where Bella and Alice decide to go to Italy. In a theme similar to all the shots that have been released of Bella (Kristen) and Jacob (a beefy Taylor), Taylor is shown sitting above Kristen in a protective way. He is her protector, get it? She is but a fragile mortal to his snarling, massive, intimidating, fluffy werewolf... but were getting ahead of ourselves.

Above, Bella and Jacob have a tender moment in (his?) truck, which means bad news for RPattzs Edward whose physical presence is M.I.A. for the majority of the film. Sure we all know Edward is pure dream boat, but if Taylor Lautner was staring at you like that, would you really be able to say no? Looks like Kristen's Bella is fairly close to caving in this photo, and maybe even smooching her best friend? Guess well have to wait until November to know for sure!

In other "New Moon" news today, a few names were confirmed for the soundtrack. Find out who it was here.

What do you think of these new stills?

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