Emma Watson Talks About Her Next Stop After 'Harry Potter': College Or More Movies?

Although she's remaining mum about where she will be attending university this fall, "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince" star Emma Watson is really looking forward to living here in America as one of '09's newest coeds. "I love the states," she told MTV News at the junket for "Half-Blood Prince." "I love American people. I think you guys are so friendly and so open. I just think you're great!"

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But, Emma isn't sure that once filming wraps on the final "Harry Potter" films and she begins classes — at presumably Columbia or Brown — if she'll have the time to fit movies into her schedule. "I don't know. I'm reading a lot of scripts and talking to casting agents and if something comes up in the right time then I [would consider it]."

Although the 19-year-old didn't say what the right film might be she did say that being an uber-famous kid star has taken a toll on her. "If it was something I really wanted to do, then I wouldn't say no. But at the same time I've been working solidly since I was like ten... so I'm gong to take a bit of break," she said jokingly, adding, "That's the worst thing you never want to hear someone in my position being like, 'Oh my life's terrible!'"