Harry Potter Or Edward Cullen? Emma Watson Spills Who She Would Choose

Oh the age old question: Edward or Harry? Okay, so maybe it’s not age old — more like two-years-old — and maybe it’s not the top dilemma on your mind, but with both "Harry Potter" and "Twilight" making huge amounts of money and stars jumping between the franchises left and right, it’s a worthy question to be asked. Who would you choose: Edward or Harry?

“Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince” star Emma Watson narrowly avoided answering the question when we asked her a couple days ago, choosing Daniel over Robert instead. Emma, who worked with Rob in the past on “Goblet of Fire,” stayed true to the series that made her career by supporting her fellow “Potter” star and close friend Daniel Radcliffe, but never actually said she’d choose wizard Harry Potter over dreamboat vampire Edward Cullen. Check out the video above!

Do you think Emma would really choose Harry over Edward? Who do you think is dreamier, Dan or Rob? What are your thoughts on the Edward versus Harry debate?