'New Moon' Soundtrack News: Lee Safar To Sign On?

Lee SafarRumors have been swirling for months about which artists will be featured on the hotly anticipated "New Moon" soundtrack, from Coldplay and Kelly Clarkson to a "Twilight" member himself, Jackson Rathbone and his band 100 Monkeys. Well, if Facebook rumors are true, you can now add Aussie artist Lee Safar to that ever-growing list.

The Facebook pages of both Lee and "Twilight" make reference to the possible inclusion of Lee's song, "I'm Here," on the soundtrack. Lee describes her sound as "Evanescence meets Sarah McLachlan," and after listening to the track in question on her MySpace page, I couldn't agree more.

"I'm Here" is a serviceable rock ballad with enough ethereal lilting to make it right at home on a "Twilight" saga soundtrack. With lyrics like, "But now I breath again/And now I dream again/I'm here, I'm here" I immediately envisioned this song accompanying [SPOILER ALERT!] Bella and Edward's climactic reunion in Italy. My only complaint about the song is that it's, well, a bit anti-climactic. With no real driving melodic force, I kept waiting for a dynamic flourish that never came. While pretty, I admit the track was a bit blah.

What do you think about Lee's song "I'm Here"? Would you like to see it on the "New Moon" soundtrack or do you have a few song suggestions of your own? Chime in below!