Joanna Garcia Imagines What 'Privileged' Season Two Would Have Looked Like

Unfortunately, when all of your shows return this fall, you'll see that one of Hollywood Crush's absolute faves (and hopefully yours, too!), the CW's "Privileged," is noticeably absent. The show, which starred spunky Joanna Garcia as Megan Smith, the aspiring writer-turned-tutor to two spoiled Palm Beach teen heiresses, didn’t make the cut for the fall season.

So, when Hollywood Crush got the chance to sit down with Joanna to get the scoop on her new "Gossip Girl" gig, we, of course, couldn't help but try to pry information out of her about "Privileged" and what would've happened on our beloved show had it not been canceled. Press play below and continue reading about Joanna's "Privileged" predictions after the jump.

"Megan was going to grow tremendously," she mused. And, she broke our hearts when she suggested that Megan and her uber-hot beau, Will (Brian Hallisay), wouldn't stay together for much longer. "I think that her relationship with Will was going to end in kind of a heartbreaking way, and really end."

So what about any budding romances with Robert Buckley's character, magazine editor David Besser? That seems unlikely since, as Joanna put it, "that storyline was going to be really creative and exciting cause he was a scam artists so he was really going to flip and turn."

It seems then, without Will's hotness to distract her, Megan would get hard at work on her writing career and making new friends. "There was going to be the addition of a new really amazing girlfriend for her to confide in," she explained. "The show was really going to flip towards the magazine and her journey as a writer and coming back to those roots."

She added that with Megan's life changing as would her relationship with her rich employers, the Limoges. "And the beauty of it really was to see how the family became her surrogate family and the people she relied upon rather than worked for."

Joanna also noted that just as Megan was growing into adulthood and making a life for herself, the twins Rose and Sage's (Lucy Hale and Ashley Newbrough) lives were about to get interesting as well. "The twins were really going to take off and have love affairs and some amazing storylines that the girls were going to do."

But, just like us, Joanna isn't ruling out any movie possibilities. If "Sex and the City" can do it, why not "Privileged," right? "And you know that if we ever do a 'Privileged' movie, I'll take everyone's suggestions!"

We suggest you guys make a movie! Wouldn’t you love to see a "Privileged" movie?