Bruno: You'd Need To Call 911 To Get Him Off Robert Pattinson

Brüno often claims he’s only 19-years-old, and if that’s true, it seems like he’s into older guys. A couple months ago at the MTV Movie Awards, the Austrian fashionista plunged half-naked from the rafters at the Gibson Amphitheatre and landed squarely, provocatively on top of 36-year-old Eminem.

And as he revealed to MTV's Josh Horowitz at Tuesday’s MySpace Black Curtain Screening series, Brüno actually had his leering eye on another young man during the awards show: none other than Mr. Twilight himself, Robert Pattinson.

Hit play above to see what would have happened if Brüno landed on RPattz instead of Em and the unrepeatable reaction he had upon watching “Twilight” for the first time.