'New Moon': Exclusive New Trailer To Run Before 'Bandslam'

Taylor Lautner We've given you plenty of reasons to see this summer's high school flick, "Bandslam," including two exclusive clips (watch them here and here )and the opportunity to ask your own question of star Vanessa Hudgens. So if this next reason isn't convincing enough, there might be something, well, wrong with you.

It's just been revealed that an exclusive trailer for "New Moon" will run in front of "Bandslam" during its opening weekend starting August 14. (Squeal!)

Funny enough, there's one more "Bandslam"-"Twilight" connection of note. The Twilight Saga's third installment, "Eclipse," is set to begin filming three days after the premiere of "Bandslam." It looks like August is shaping up to be a great month.

To tide you over until the new trailer debuts, we've embedded the first trailer, which premiered at the MTV Movie Awards, below. You're welcome!

What do you hope the second "New Moon" trailer will include?

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