Bruno Sizes Up The Fashions Of Robert Pattinson, Miley Cyrus, Sacha Baron Cohen & More!

With the passing of famed fashion critic Mr. Blackwell, there's a new style cop in town and his name is Brüno. And, if you thought that Blackwell's quips about the best and worst of celebrity fashion seemed harsh at times, then you really need to press play above to see what the outlandish character told MTV News about some of Hollywood Crush's favorite celebrities.

And, brace yourselves, Brüno — the titular star of the comedy out this Friday — who surprised the crowd at the BAM screening last night (an event that wa part of the MySpace Black Curtain Screening series), isn't afraid to say the things that will surely make you cringe and laugh at the same time.

Robert Pattinson

"Fantastish, Fantastish, I mean he's probably too gay, you know some have said. I think maybe he should take the t-shirt off and the red hair is it dyed? Just don’t know."

Miley Cyrus

"Just don't think so. I mean the boots, why is she wearing two boots? Everybody knows you got to wear one boot. I mean I'm an Austrian, we know our style. We basically styled WWII. Also, this hair move it and probably the head too."

Joe Jonas

"The Jonas Brothers, those guys are uber-hot. They're incredible. They're incredible musicians. Were they playing today [June 7] at the [Michael Jackson] tribute concert? That's a travesty. That's the biggest tragedy of the last few weeks. Those guys are great and just all the Yonas Bruthers. They're one of the best."

Brad and Angelina

"I mean these guys really changed the world of fashion. Forget about the little black dress, they have made the little black child the ultimate fashion accessory this summer. Brad, uber-cool. Angelina, tattoo on the arm, little slutty."

Sacha Baron Cohen

"Saw that film ["Borat"], found it like really offensive stereotype of a foreigner. This guy's clearly in the closet. I mean his wife must get as much sex as Katie Holmes."

What do you think of Brüno's assessment of these celebs?