Nick Jonas: Is He Ditching Fame For College?

Nick JonasIt seems like almost all the Jonas Brothers are publicly thinking about their futures these days — except perhaps the group's resident free spirit, Joe Jonas. Kevin Jonas is engaged. And, it's now being rumored that 16-year-old Nick is also thinking about his next step in life.

According to a Perez Hilton sighting, Nick was seen visiting Northwestern University on Monday (July 6). When reached for comment, a rep for the band said, "We have no comment on this."

Back in March, during a press call about their tour, Nick actually shared with reporters that Northwestern was definitely on his radar if he should choose to pursue his education. "I would definitely love to go to college," he said. "I've always talked about going to school at Northwestern in Chicago and I think that would be a lot of fun."

In June, the musician, who has previously said he'd want to study English if he went to college, graduated from high school and excitedly shared the news with his fans and MTV News, but had yet to plan out how exactly he would be celebrating the milestone.

"I’m happy to announce I have graduated! Class of ‘09!" he had written on his Twitter. "Congrats to everyone else who has also graduated this year! -Mr. President (Nick)"

So what do you think, is Nick making a play for the college life? Where should he go if he doesn't wind up at Northwestern?