Tweet Dreams: Most Celebs Remember Michael Jackson, While Others Discuss Red Underwear

Kat Dennings A massive amount of Twitter love for Michael Jackson was felt during and after his incredibly moving memorial today. Celebrities took to the social networking site just as they have in the past few weeks to express their compassion for the loss of the legend. Diddy wrote, "Just left funeral. Very sad! Rip MJ!!!" Kim Kardashian, who was a member of the funeral's audience, Tweeted, "Michael's children were so brave brave 2 stand there on stage & speak to the world about their father." And finally, Nick Cannon said, "A day of mourning. Here in the Staples Center, God is absolutely present."

Of course, the sad event didn't prevent all of Tinseltown from writing nonsense — or talking about their hair — on their Twitter pages. Our favorite Tweet today goes to an actress who ran into a reality star at a coffee shop and confused said star as being her actual friend.

Check out our Tweet Dreams list for Tuesday, July 7, 2009. And quick reminder: Don't forget to add Hollywood Crush (@hollywoodcrush) to your own accounts!

@stephaniepratt Had a dream last night we were in Europe @laurenconrad and @lobosworth and we had a pet tiger- no idea what that means

- Stephanie Pratt, Reality Star ("The Hills")

@mileycyrus My pretend mommy (kelly preston) is the best mommy ever and I looove her so much and she is the prettiest girl ever (she's tweeting this ha)

- Kelly Preston (pictured above), Actress ("The Last Song," "Medium"), via Miley Cyrus

@OfficialKat My hair is a curtain of nothingness. Cut soon

- Kat Dennings, Actress ("Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist")

@petewentz Sometimes in life I feel like charlie brown always looking for the great pumpkin. Waiting it out.

- Pete Wentz, Musician

@Adrienne_Bailon My Makeup Artist at MTV Elisa just told me she always wears red panties to funerals... I was like why???

-Adrienne Bailon, Actress/Singer ("The Cheetah Girls")

@Busyphilipps25 Just saw someone I thought I knew at starbucks. Nope. Reality show. I clearly watch too much tv.

- Busy Philipps, Actress ("He's Just Not That Into You")

@ddlovato P.S. I woke up singing britney spears.... How does she do that to people?! :l

-Demi Lovato, Singer/Actress ("The Princess Protection Program")

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