'Amelia': Taking Flight With Hilary Swank In The Biopic's Trailer

Quick! Name the last bio-pic you saw. Was it about a man? Yes? Just as I suspected. Sure, there's "Evita" and "Selena." Sigourney Weaver even frolicked with "Gorillas in the Mist," but beyond a notable hand-full of women-centric stories, splashy biopics tend to be the province of men, à la "Ray" or "Milk" or "Walk the Line." But Hilary Swank adds some much-needed girl power to the genre with "Amelia," and I'll admit I had the typical girly response after finishing the trailer — I got a little bleary-eyed.

Due out in October, "Amelia" looks at the life of famous aviatrix (love that word!) Amelia Earhart, whose disappearance while attempting to circumnavigate the globe in 1937 continues to fuel conspiracy theories today.

Judging from the trailer, Hilary effortlessly dons the titular character's aviator shades and never looks back. Much like her Oscar-winning performance in another biopic, "Boys Don't Cry," Hilary seems to disappear into her character, affecting Amelia's languid speech and embodying more than a passing physical resemblance to the pilot. Alongside Hilary for this cinematic ride is the always lovely Richard Gere, who plays Amelia's partner and love interest George Putnam, and Ewan McGregor, who plays aeronautics specialist and another potential love interest (man, this girl literally got around!) Gene Vidal.

To this passel of talented actors add lush cinematography, a soaring score, and "We Can Do It" platitudes like, "There's more to life than being a passenger," and you've got a trailer that makes my inner Rosie the Riveter smile — and perhaps shed a tear.

Are you excited to see "Amelia"?

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