Tweet Dreams: Stars Agonize Over Killer Puppets, Gardening & 'HSM'-Themed Kleenex Boxes

Tyrese With Michael Jackson's highly anticipated memorial service just one day away, the King of Pop was still the #1 topic on Twitter today. John Mayer announced that he will be performing at the Staples Center, while "Transformers" actor Tyrese (pictured) announced that he was a bit irritated with how many people were treating the funeral like it was a concert.

Elsewhere on the social networking site, celebrities focused on less weightier subjects like rainbows, Mexican food and Target. Oh, and one funny girl compares the interior of an airplane to the interior of a child's mouth!

Check out what in the world she was referencing and the rest of our Tweet Dreams list for Monday, July 6, 2009. And if you're feeling extra Twitter-y today, make sure to add Hollywood Crush (@hollywoodcrush) to your own accounts!

@oliviamunn i wish i could sell rainbows- everyone loves them and come on, that's just pure profit.

-Olivia Munn, TV Host/Actress ("Attack of the Show," "Iron Man 2")

@breagrant reading a book on gardening and realizing i should have read a book on gardening when i STARTED my garden. would still have a cilantro. :(

- Brea Grant, Actress ("Heroes")

@diablocody I wonder if Corbin Bleu and Zac Efron ever dreamed their faces would be printed on a 31-year-old woman's Kleenex box.

- Diablo Cody, Writer/Producer ("United State of Tara," "Jennifer's Body")

@therealpicklercrazy messed up dream about ice skating and killer puppets. what in the world??

- Kellie Pickler, Singer

@Tyrese4ReaL Why are people talking about MJ's memorial service like it's a concerts?? "Oh my God I got Ticket!!!.. it's a funeral Ugh!.. Helllooooo????

- Tyrese, Actor/Singer ("Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen")

@lucyyhale About to step foot into my favorite place on earth.... TARGET!!!

- Lucy Hale, Actress ("Privileged")

@Jon_Favreau Woke up two hours early. Nerves or Mexican food?

-Jon Favreau, Actor/Director ("I Love You, Man," Iron Man")

@samantharonson Why isn't the plane ever delayed when I'm late? These folks are boarding an hour late and they're not even in a hurry. Must be nice.

-Samantha Ronson, DJ

@SarahPaulson Better Burger: Chicken Burger (well done) with jack cheese and all the fixens..ordered it, ate it..gonna use it now to do um..something?

- Sarah Paulson, Actress ("Cupid")

@mindykaling Oh hello again, Virgin America plane. Your insides were designed to look like a childs retainer. And I love you! Don't crash!

-Mindy Kaling, Actress ("The Office")