'Twilight' Script Was Once Eyed By 'Harry Potter' Director

Robert Pattinson and Daniel RadcliffBy Silas Lesnick

Looking at the “Twilight” that could have been, MTV News has learned that two-time "Harry Potter" director Chris Columbus took a glance at the script at the beginning of the adaptation process.

"I guess I did read a script early on," says the director, who most recently helmed "I Love You, Beth Cooper.""But I was doing something else."

Columbus, who directed both "Sorcerer’s Stone" and "Chamber of Secrets" is no stranger to fantasy book series, planning his next film as an adaptation of the first "Percy Jackson" novel, "The Lightning Thief," which has already begun casting.

In the meantime, he’s not looking at "Twilight" as a missed opportunity or regretting leaving the "Potter" franchise, though he admits that it’s a strange feeling to see the new films come out with different directors.

"I miss it just because I look at everyone I cast and all these sets I built. Everything is still standing there. It's weird. It's like looking at old home movies, though the people in the home movies are aging ... The kids are getting older and they've become better actors. All the things I hoped for have come true … But it's a very odd separation anxiety to see my entire cast and crew behind the camera. It's like, 'Where am I in this situation?'"

What would be different in a Chris Columbus "Twilight"? What other directors could you imagine adapting the series? Share your ideas below!