EXCLUSIVE: 'Dollhouse' Star Eliza Dushku Reveals Details Of New Thriller 'Valediction'

Eliza DushkuBy Terri Schwartz

Oh, the world of Twitter, where celebrities keep their stalker fans happy and following with 140-character teases into their lives in the hopes they will reveal something new, exciting and exclusive.

Twitter followers of “Dollhouse" star Eliza Dushku were lucky enough to be graced on June 4 with such news when she posted that she would be coming to Boston to film a new movie. News has since leaked that it's called “Valediction,” and co-stars “The Chronicles of Narnia” babe Ben Barnes, but MTV got the chance to chat with Eliza to find out what exactly “Valediction” is all about.

“It’s about this young couple and they have a 6-year-old daughter, seemingly in a coma, but [they learn] she’s actually alive and fully living out in her brain, but is just in this locked-in state,” Eliza explains. “So he’s trying to have his daughter wake up from this traumatic experience.”

The film centers around a car accident Josh (Ben) has which leaves his daughter Brooke in a coma. But there's more to the crash than meets the eye, according to Eliza, who adds that the film is being characterized as a “contemporary psychological thriller."

Eliza plays Renee, Josh's former co-worker who he had an affair with. Josh, who left his advertising gig to settle down with his wife (Sarah Roemer) and daughter, is feeling trapped by his life when the film begins — right before Renee reenters into his life, and the accident occurs.

“[Josh] sort of meets up with Renee and wonders what would have happened if he went that route. It really is about his struggle both with these women in his life and then with his daughter who’s been injured,” notes Eliza. “It turns into a really psychological chaos.”

The film is directed by Suri Krishnamma and will co-star Brenda Fricker, Johnny Whitworth and Dennis Haysbert. Eliza said it was a combination of the script, Krishnamma and her castmates that cemented her desire to be in the film.

“It just seemed to me that there weren’t stories that were about young people but were adults that were dealing with these struggles,” she said of her new project, which is slated to hit theaters next year. “It seemed to me like a more sophisticated character that I wanted to sort of take a stab at.”

What do you think of Eliza's new role? Are you excited to see the "Dollhouse" star in a thriller?