EXCLUSIVE CLIP: 'The Proposal' Stars Bare All. Literally.

When we gave you a number of reasons to go see the romantic comedy “The Proposal” (out this Friday) last week, we emphasized one awesome one in particular: getting to see cutie pie Ryan Reynolds naked.

Well, you're in luck because when you press play below, you'll get to see an exclusive Hollywood Crush clip of Ryan and his co-star Sandra Bullock in that very scene. But before you go bragging to all of your friends that you've already caught a glimpse of the memorable moment, you should know that it's not all, well, as passionate as it sounds. You see, Ryan is playing an assistant who is forced into marrying his Canadian boss (Sandra) so that she can keep her U.S. Visa. Therefore, boss + birthday suit = awkward! Or not, watch the clip below and you be the judge...

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