Robert Pattinson Hearts New York City

Robert PattinsonEat your heart out, Vancouver. Robert Pattinson may have needed a little encouragement from the crew of the first "Twilight" flick to flash his pearly whites as brooding vamp Edward Cullen, but the hunky 23-year-old was all smiles on the New York set of "Remember Me."

In the 2010 drama, Pattinson plays Tyler Roth, a young man whose life is turned upside down after the death of his brother. (Hmm, that makes us wonder what has him grinning then. Must be the Manhattan air.) The film teams the actor up with "Lost" star Emilie de Ravin, his love interest who also has her own turbulent past, and former 007 Pierce Brosnan, who plays Pattinson's pops. After the jump, check out the full pic of RPattz in all its toothy glory.

As much as we adore the Brit as everyone's favorite immortal beloved, we're excited to see Pattinson sink his teeth into a new, not to mention very different, role. Plus, we are loving that the actor is taking up temporary residence in our city. This makes stalking so much easier.

How many of you are buying plane tickets to NYC right away? And how do you prefer your RPattz: mysterious and brooding or sexy and smiling?