Time To Confess: What Flicks Parallel Your Own Life?

Aniston, Bosworth, DuhamelBy Haley Murphy

On Friday, when Jennifer Aniston accepted the Women In Film's Crystal Award for expanding the role of women in the entertainment industry, she marveled about how there was a strange parallel between the movies she does and her life off-screen.

"It started with, well, 'The Good Girl,'" she said to the audience. "Then that evolved into 'Rumor Has It,' followed by 'Derailed,' and then there was 'The Break-Up.'" The actress concluded her speech with a laugh: "So if any of you have a project titled 'Everlasting Love with an Adult, Stable Male'..."

This got me thinking about what movies paralleled my own life. As much as I wish a heartfelt romance like "The Holiday" or "The Notebook" topped my list, I'm not quite that lucky. There is, one movie, however, that's especially noteworthy when it comes to big-screen similarities.

Let's take a trip back to 2004 and "Win a Date with Tad Hamilton," shall we? Isn’t that every girls dream? To win a date with her ultimate celebrity crush and have them fall madly in love with them? Not to brag or anything (or maybe I am), but last year, the dream of meeting my celeb crush came true when I won my OWN date with my ultimate crush, Justin Timberlake. I don’t like to say “won” because I believe it was destined for us to meet, but as soon as I heard that a local radio station was giving away dates with J.T., I was glued to the radio for the next three weeks. After qualifying three separate times for the contest, I got the phone call on the radio telling me I would be flying to Portland, Oregon to spend time with J.T. and go to his Future Sex Love Sounds show in V.I.P. seats!!

When we finally met, he complimented my dress, and we shared a lingering moment (or so I thought)! After preparing for his show, he was backstage as I awaited his performance in the front row. After the concert, I went back to my hotel room and ran through every inch of our conversation all while knowing one day he would be like Tad and show up in my hometown of Georgia to take me away with him with him! He hasn’t realized he is in love with me quite yet, but I know my southern charm has left an impression on him, and I am still waiting for my second date.

What about you? Do any movies bare a strong resemblance to your own life?