Leonardo DiCaprio + Emilie Hirsch= Alden Ehrenreich??

Original Vampire-master Francis Ford Coppola's newest drama "Tetro" — about a boy (newcomer Alden Ehrenreich) who travels to Buenos Aires to locate his long-lost brother (Vincent Gallo) — is out now in limited release, and though it's done in mostly black and white, there's one thing that begs for some photos in vibrant color: the uncanny resemblance between Alden (above, center) and both Leonardo DiCaprio and Emilie Hirsch. In fact, it's almost as though the trio could pass for brothers. Hey casting directors, you paying attention?

If Alden, an NYU student who was discovered by Steven Spielberg at a bat mitzvah (we're so not kidding!), proves to have the acting chops anywhere near his doppelgangers, then there's a good chance that "Tetro" will not be the last time you see him. So get to know the soon-to-be-star now by watching his interview with MTV after the jump.

What other celebrities out there do you think look so much alike that they could be related?