'True Blood' Challenges 'Twilight' To A Vamp-Off

Twilight and True Blood This weekend, "True Blood" makes its way back onto our TV sets and with all these blood-suckers surrounding us now — thanks to the HBO show, "Twilight" and the forthcoming "Vampire Diaries" — we really need one big vamp-off! (Oh, did we forget to mention there's rumors of a "Buffy" movie remake?)

Recently two of "True Blood's" stars spoke to Interview magazine and weighed in on whether or not the vampires of their show could ever live together in a perfect little vampire universe. Check out their answers after the jump.

One of the show's cast, Mehcad Brooks, gave his thumbs up at the idea of a union: "Of course. It's not like the democrats and the republicans. 'Twilight' is amazing. Jackson Rathbone and Edi Gathegi from the film are friends. But I think our vamps are the ones the adults watch when they tuck the kiddies into their 'Twilight' sheets and knickers."

And, he even described what that "vamp-off" would be like: "We could always have a 'vamp-off' which was very common in 15th century Wallachia and current day New Orleans," Mehcad said. "But my prediction is after a couple rounds they'd be begging for their undead mothers."

Meanwhile, "True Blood" star Valerie Cruz gave a nay to the idea: "I don't know...I think maybe the 'True Blood' vampires would be jealous of the 'Twilight' vampires for being so sparkly and shiny in the sun...they are the supermodels of the vampire world...and I think that we have all seen that supermodels and humans have difficulties with peaceful coexistence...a la the Naomi episodes."

So what does her version of a"vamp-off" look like? "I think it would a little like the rumble in 'West Side Story'...with lots of hair product and fancy dance numbers and lots of hot men!  And, yes I think the 'True Blood' vampires would definitely crush the sparkly 'Twilight' vamps, without question."

Hmmm, we do wonder what would happen if all these vamps met up at some sort of vampire convention. Maybe we should start trying to make it happen. Who's with us?

Do you think that the vamps of "True Blood" would get along with the vamps of "Twilight"?