'The Runaways' Film Adds Another Member: 'Arrested Development' Star Alia Shawkat

alia shawkat You may have thought that "The Runaways" had completed their band's lineup when they finally cast Scout Taylor-Compton as Lita Ford, but there was still one piece missing — the girl who didn't become a Runaway: bass player Micki Steele.

Well, reportedly Floria Sigismondi’s biopic has found its bass player ... but it won't be the real life Steele. According to the Latino Review, Alia Shawkat ("Arrested Development") has joined the band as fictional band member Robin.

When the Runaways were originally formed in 1975, Micki Steele was the power bass player, but left the band, and was replaced briefly by Peggy Foster, and then permanently by Jackie Fox. Steele later had enormous success as a member of The Bangles, who have reunited, and are recording a new album this year. Fox was later replaced by Vicki Blue. The band just couldn't keep a bass player ...

So who exactly is this "Robin" character? Latino Review has had access to the script, and believes that Steele never gave her consent to use her name or likeness, and that a character composite they named Robin. The casting news has been nearly as erratic as the constantly changing line-up of the real Runaways, so it's very possible Alia could be playing a fictional version of any one of the band's bass players, or a composite of all of them.

While we might not know exactly who she's playing, if you saw even one episode of "Arrested Development" you know that Alia has the right attitude to be in the all-girl rock band, and can hold her own against the rest. The film is currently shooting in L.A.

What do you think of this reported casting?