'Twilight': Get Your Fangs On A New Special-Edition Book Out Today!

TwilightGetting sick of scavenging across the Internet to get your daily dose of Rob, Kristen and Taylor? Us Weekly is helping to make satiating your "Twilight" addiction easier by releasing “Sexy Stars of Twilight,” a 72-page homage to the vampire, his love and their pals.

The book, available today for $9.99 on newsstands and for order on Barnes & Noble, features posters, photos, cast interviews and "New Moon" secrets.

The seven pull-out posters included will feature four posters of heartthrob Robert Pattinson, one of Taylor Lautner, one of Rob and Kristen Stewart and one of the cast.

Most of the photos and cast interviews with Rob, Kristen, Taylor and Stephenie Meyer have been run in Us Weekly, but not all, says a source from the magazine. So fans looking for new material will be pleased with "Sexy Stars." The 140 photos included in the book were compiled from a variety of sources, and the cast interviews are a collection from Us, which go all the way back to the beginning of "Twilight" fanaticism.

The book also includes photos from the “New Moon” set (including ones of Bella and Edward’s reunion kiss!), which we, for one, can’t get enough of.

That still hasn’t gotten you hooked? The book contains an essay on the Bella and Edward love story, pictures of Kristen Stewart chronicling her ascent into Hollywood, a look at the stars new to “New Moon” (ahem Dakota Fanning and Michael Sheen), some photos of the Quileute wolf pack and a peak at the stars when they’re living their lives off-set.

"Twilight" fans looking to get their hands on DuWop’s Lip Venom V should head to their nearest Kroger’s store, where they can get a sample for free with the purchase of the book.

So Twilighters, how many of you will be buying this book today?