'NYC Prep' Girls Gifted Custom Kooba Bags To Wear On The Show

KoobaBy Haley Murphy

In case you didn't see the premiere of the supposed reality show answer to "Gossip Girl" on Bravo on Tuesday night, here's a refresher course: "NYC Prep" follows the lives of a group of fortunate teenagers who play an intricate role in Manhattan's elite high school scene. The show documents everything from their dating drama to their college decisions, all while highlighting their ridiculous wealth.

The new kids in town are already swearing off any comparisons to “Gossip Girl,” though. In the first episode of "Prep," one cast member, Jessie, was so relentless about proving that her life is not the same as that of Serena's or Blair's, that it almost seemed like it was an insult to be put in the same category.

KelliThe "Prep" kids may not like comparisons to the CW series, but they're already making a name for themselves in the world of fashion ... by, you know, getting gifted some nice stuff! Lookout for the youngsters to be carrying some very special purses on the show from now on. Each of the four main girls — Camille, Jessie, Kelli and Taylor — had already existing styles of Kooba bags (like the "Blair" seen above and right on Kelli) designed for them in custom colors. Their custom designs are labeled, "Kooba Exclusively for Fashion by Bravo."

The purses aren't just exclusive to these "Prep" schoolers, though. They are also being sold for $595 on ShopByBravo.com and Kooba.com.

So perhaps the "Gossip Girl" crowd and "NYC Prep" gang aren't as "different" as they claim to be. It's their privileged world, and we just live in it.

What do you think about the special "NYC Prep" Kooba bags?