'My Sister's Keeper': Red-Carpet Recap

By Selina Kaye

If you cried your eyes out during "The Notebook," then get ready to pull out even more tissues this time around. "My Sister's Keeper" — which is based on a novel by Jodi Picoult and helmed by "Notebook" director Nick Cassavetes — hits theaters tomorrow. The drama follows a family as they struggle with keeping their cancer-stricken daughter Kate ("Medium" actress Sofia Vassilieva) alive. Kate’s parents (Cameron Diaz and Jason Patric) will try anything to save her, so per a doctor's suggestion, they have another child (Abigail Breslin) who's an exact genetic match to Kate, thereby able to become a donor.

Last night, at the premiere of "Keeper," MTV caught up with the cast and asked them about making such a weighty film. Cameron Diaz — who's an actress not typically known for somber roles — said the movie actually fit right into her filmography. “It just feels very natural to the rhythm of what I’ve been doing over the last 15 years,” she said. For big-screen newcomer Sofia Vassilieva, the project was very close to her heart, and credits the cast for their dedication. “You know a big foundation of that was that we were in it together, that this team so faithfully and so firmly believed in this project.”

Press play below for more from the "My Sister's Keeper" red carpet.