Miley Cyrus & Hugh Jackman: Together At Last?

Hugh and Miley Last week, Hugh Jackman was seen lunching with Miley Cyrus and her mom, Tish, in L.A. Now comes word that Hugh has been cast in the teen-friendly flick, "Personal Security," prompting Hollywood insiders to wonder if Miley is the next name to be attached to the flick.

Variety first reported that Hugh had been named as a headliner in the movie about "a tough Gotham police detective forced into bodyguard duty for a spoiled teen heiress who is receiving kidnapping threats." And now, thanks to the Daily Express' report of his meal together with Miley at Morton's Steakhouse, we're beginning to think there has to be some sort of tie-in with the project.

“They had a few producer-type folks with them," an eyewitness told the Daily Express. "It looked like some sort of business dinner. I'm sure it wasn't just Hugh angling for a guest role on 'Hannah Montana.'"

Miley's reps have not yet returned calls by MTV News for comment.

This isn’t the first role Hugh has been cast in recently that finds him alongside an up-and-coming superstar. Last month he was attached alongside "Twilight" heartthrob Robert Pattinson to the movie, "Unbound Captives."

"Captives," directed by Madeleine Stowe, is a tale set in 1865 America about a woman (played by Rachel Weisz) whose husband is killed by a Comanche war party and whose two children (one of whom will be played by RPattz) are kidnapped. She is then rescued by a frontiersman (Hugh).

Do you think Miley should get this role? If not, who else would make a perfect "spoiled teen heiress"?

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