Katherine Heigl Finds A New 'Life' To Lead

Katherine HeiglIf there's one genre Katherine Heigl just can't stay away from, it's the one with all the hearts and flowers. It doesn't matter if she's "Knocked Up," or finding "The Ugly Truth," or loving a hitman in "Five Killers." In the end, her cinematic self is always on the hunt for Mr. Right. Her latest project, "Life as We Know It," is really no exception, except that it veers to the dramatic, and away from the raunchy comedy.

According to Variety, "Life" has been kicking around a few studios before finally finding a home with Warner Bros., and landing a leading lady and producer in Ms. Heigl. It centers on two single adults who have their worlds turned upside down when their mutual and married best friends die in a car accident, and name them as caregivers for their orphaned daughter. Two single adults with a new child to care for? I sense that love will spring from that sad situation!

The film was scripted by Ian Deitchman and Kristen Rusk Robinson. It will be directed by Greg Berlanti, who you've been hearing a lot about due to his work on the mysterious script for Warner Bros. "The Green Lantern." He was once in line to direct the DC adaptation, but has gone back to his dramatic "Dawson's Creek" roots with projects like "Life" and the upcoming "This Is Where I Leave You."

Are you interested in the latest romantic film from Katherine Heigl? Should she branch out into a different genre?