Tweet Dreams: A Singer Dials The Tooth Fairy While A Reality Star Prays for You

Kelli PicklerThe mood was melancholy in the Twitterverse this morning as celebs shared memories and expressed condolences over the death of "Tonight Show" sidekick and "Star Search" host Ed McMahon. Britney Spears credited the 86-year-old with giving her her first shot at stardom, while Ashton Kutcher called him the "originol [sic] Hype man." He truly will be missed.

Among the other goings-on, a reality star prayed for you, a writer discussed cringe-worthy condiments and an actress admitted aging.

Take a look at who tops our Tweet Dreams list for Tuesday, June 23, 2009. Oh, and don't forget to follow Hollywood Crush on Twitter while you're at it!

@therealpickler FINALLY!!! eric lost his tooth! anyone know the tooth fairy's number?!

-Kellie Pickler, Singer

@aplusk Obama admitted to smoking. while we are admitting things I have a confession to make. I don't drink enough water.

-Ashton Kutcher, Actor

@spencerpratt I am praying for America right now!

-Spencer Pratt, Reality Star ("The Hills")

@diablocody I love lox-flavored cream cheese, but feel like we Gentiles should have countered with bologna-flavored mayo.

A few minutes later...

@diablocody Dang, I forgot about Baconnaise. If that's not returning the serve, I don't know what is.

-Diablo Cody, Writer ("Juno")

@NickCannon Chillin with a real old school playa... my dude Regis

-Nick Cannon, Actor/Host ("America's Got Talent")

@1capplegate You know you are getting old when you wake up at 6 for no reason and then sit down to do a jigsaw puzzle that is a picture of cats.

-Christina Applegate, Actress ("Samantha Who")

@dannymasterson - After having visited the Vatican I learned a few new manuevers from the priests

- Danny Masterson, Actor ("Yes Man")

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