Jon And Kate Follow In A Long Tradition Of Reality TV Couple Breakups

Jon and Kate Gosselin have become the Brad and Jen of reality TV, having made their way onto the covers of many celebrity gossip mags week after week now. There's been speculation that one or both of them has cheated, and regardless of who is to blame for the split, on last night's episode of their hit show, "Jon and Kate Plus 8," the couple announced their imminent separation.

This isn't the first time a couple had their romance and breakup chronicled on a reality show. In fact, splits seem to be more the norm for reality-show couples than staying together (unless you're Sharon and Ozzy!). So, we decided to step back in the reality time warp and come up with a list of other couples who gave their relationships the college try on TV, only to end up failing the semester. Click on our flipbook below for a visual history and check out our full list after the jump.

1. Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey were the ultimate "Newlyweds." But, somewhere along the way, being newlyweds got old for the pair and they divorced in 2006.

2. Carmen Electra and Dave Navarro married on "Til Death Do Us Part" and vowed to stay together. Unfortunately divorce was ultimately more powerful than death.

3. When a countess loses her count can she still keep the title? For LuAnn de Lesseps from "The Real Housewives of New York City" we certainly hope so. We're not sure she — or even us, for that matter! — could survive without being able to flaunt that coveted title.

4. On "Meet The Barkers," Travis Barker and Shanna Moakler seemed perfect. Then, when the cameras stopped rolling, they showed us they couldn't make it work and we met them in divorce court. Then tried to make it work again. Then, ultimately, decided they couldn't. For now...

5. Hugh Hefner may have had three "Girls Next Door," but he also lost all three playmates when the trio left the mansion for greener pastures. No worries, he's got some new blondes now, and Holly, Bridget, and Kendra have all found new loves and TV shows to call their own.

6. Britney Spears and Kevin Federline may have gotten "Chaotic" while falling in love on Brit's short-lived reality show. But, things crumbled (and got decidedly more chaotic) when the two divorced in 2002.

7. Hulk and Linda Hogan were married long before the cameras started rolling on them, so when they got their own show, "Hogan Knows Best," their marriage seemed indestructible. But, eventually their marital bliss turned into a steel cage match in divorce court.

What reality show couple do you think will split next? Is Speidi doomed?