'Twilight': Barbie Joins The Revolution

Twilight BarbieWhat girl doesn't dream of snuggling up to her very own granite-bodied Edward Cullen every now and then? (Me: Guilty as charged!) Well, if you're willing to trade stone for plastic, you're in luck. Mattel has created its own Edward Ken doll complete with "shimmering complexion" and "trademark gold eyes." And if it's your thing, you can order a Bella Barbie, too. (The Toys "R" Us site, however, recommends this doll for people aged 6-7 years, but we're guessing they don't quite understand how vast the "Twilight" universe actually is!)

Mattel isn't the first company to jump onto the Edward Cullen doll Volvo bandwagon. Earlier this year, we test drove another set of Edward and Bella dolls, which from the looks of it, had a little more meat to clutch onto while propelling 500 feet up a towering Evergreen.

But I could buy in to the Edward/Bella Barbies if only Mattel would add a few essential accessories:

1. Detachable fangs — Because, hello, Edward is a vampire. Sure, we like him best in his sweet, piano-playing moments, but sometimes the dazzling vamp needs to bear his bite to protect what's his.

2. Edward Cullen Dream House — The Cullen's palatial glass-plated mansion would make a much cooler dollhouse than the one my mom made for me out of an old refrigerator box (sorry, mom).

3. The Volvo — Forget Barbie's pink Corvette. Whizzing 100 mph down the highway in a souped up foreign car is our idea of a bloody good time.

4. Mountain lion — Edward needs blood to eat, natch, and something to occupy him at night besides watching Bella sleep.

5. Baseball outfit — We love a man in uniform, no matter what decade it's from.

What do you think about the new Edward and Bella dolls? And which accessories do you think the Edward doll should have?