MTV News Intern -- And 'Fame' School Alumni -- Gets To Hang With New Movie's Cast

NaturiBy Sandra Segura

As a graduate from LaGuardia High School for the Performing Arts, which is often referred to as the "Fame school," I was so excited when I learned that during my internship at MTV News, I would have the amazing opportunity to meet a few of the castmembers from the upcoming "Fame" movie remake. I'm currently in college, but after this experience, I couldn't help but reminisce about the four years I spent dancing in the hallways, and singing that famous song from the movie: “FAME! I want to live forever! I want to learn how to fly!”

Not only will this remake be a refreshing new look for our young generation, it also features some very, very talented performers. Paul McGill, who plays the role of Kevin in the movie, is a trained dancer who has had the opportunity to perform on Broadway in "A Chorus Line." Crazily enough, Paul also trained in dance with a few of my close friends over at his high school, the Professional Performing Arts School!

Perhaps the most familiar face within the cast is that of Naturi Naughton (above, left). She's bringing to life the vivacious role of Denise, who is modeled after Irene Cara’s role in the original.

Asher Book I've followed her career ever since she was a part of an all-girl singing group called 3LW. Most recently, she caught major buzz for playing the risqué role of rapper Lil' Kim in the Biggie biopic "Notorious." Her role in "Fame" brings the movie even closer to home for me because I was so inspired by Irene in the original. She was a triple threat with a feisty attitude and knew exactly what she wanted to get out of life — I wanted to be just like her!

Another guest in the MTV offices last week from "Fame" was Asher Book, who plays Marco, a happy-go-lucky singer. You guys probably know him best from V Factory, the newly signed band he formed with his friends (one of whom is Jared Murillo, Ashley Tisdale's ex). Being a member of a band is an interesting twist for a newcomer to acting. I can only imagine what's in store for Asher — who most of us suspect will replace Zac Efron as the high school musical movie heartthrob — after the film premieres.

So, as a "Fame school" graduate, and now a big fan of the remake’s cast, I can more than confidently say that this update sounds extremely promising. Keep checking back with Hollywood Crush for more "Fame" exclusive interviews and news in the coming weeks!

How excited are you guys for the release of "Fame"? Which castmember do you want to know more about?