Father's Day Gives Us Reason To Celebrate Some Of The Big-Screen's Hottest Dads

By Selina Kaye, Haley Murphy, Christa Ruggiero, Sandra Segura and Ayana Allen

Don't forget, Crushers: It's Father’s Day is this Sunday! Although some of our fathers are so out of touch with today’s hottest pop culture icons that they can’t tell the difference between Robert Pattinson and Zac Efron, we still felt it was our duty to bring you a flip book in honor of the one day a year we can celebrate dad. So, click the picture below and get ready to oogle at some of the cutest dads in movie history. A few of the actors included may not be real-life parents, but they surely still warm our hearts. And after the jump, be sure to check out why each papa made our list.

Bradley Cooper in "The Hangover"

In his most recent role as Phil Wenneck in "The Hangover," Bradley Cooper stars as a guy who regrets getting married and having a son, but (thankfully) has a change of heart and falls back in love with his life. Now only if he would fall in love with us ...

Will Smith in "The Pursuit of Happyness"

The sexy dad played father to real life son Jaden in 2006's "The Pursuit of Happyness." In Smith's sixth consecutive #1 opening, he played Chris Gardner, a salesman who hits hard financial times while trying to provide for his son.

Chris Hemsworth in "Star Trek"

Chris Hemsworth’s character George Kirk (SPOILER ALERT!) may die within the first 15 minutes of “Star Trek,” but that did not keep him off of our list. He doesn’t really have any kids, but playing Chris Pine’s dad is definitely HOT!

John Krasinski in "Away We Go"

"The Office" star John Krasinski plays a quirky insurance salesman expecting his first child with his girlfriend. Although he isn’t a dad in real life, this movie may give him some pointers.

Ryan Reynolds in "Definitely, Maybe"

Ryan Reynolds — hunky husband of actress Scarlett Johansson — plays Will Hayes, a father going through a divorce when his daughter (Abigail Breslin) inquires about his love life before his marriage with her mom.

Patrick Dempsey in "Enchanted"

Patrick Dempsey enchanted us with his Cinderella-like romance with a storybook princess (Amy Adams), but more so, we adored his relationship with his adorable daughter in the flick.

Ben Affleck in "Jersey Girl"

"Jersey Girl" may have been a blockbuster bust, but not for real-life father Ben Affleck. In the movie he plays Ollie Trinkie, a father whose wife dies while giving birth to their daughter.

Peter Facinelli in "Twilight"

Even though Peter Facinelli’s character in “Twilight,” Dr. Carlisle Cullen, is over 300 years old, he’s still a good-looking dad because he hasn't aged a day. In reality, he’s actually 35 and has three daughters with "90210" starlet Jennie Garth.

Jude Law in "The Holiday"

In “The Holiday,” Law’s character, Graham Simpkins, was a widower and father of two young girls who struggled trying to avoid the complexities of being a single parent and dating again. Jude Law has three children himself, one son and two daughters.

George Clooney in "One Fine Day"

George Clooney, who starred opposite Michelle Pfeiffer in the rom-com, is definitely one fine dad. It’s a shame he's had a “no kids” policy in real life thus far, because this actor would make a great father.

Did we leave anyone of our list that you think deserves a shout out? Speak up below!