'Twilight' Star Robert Pattinson Involved In Near-Accident In New York City

Robert PattinsonFROM MTV.COM: According to multiple sources, "Twilight" star Robert Pattinson was grazed by a taxi this afternoon in New York while filming his upcoming drama "Remember Me." The "Twilight" star was reportedly fleeing from hysterical fans at the time of the near-accident.

RadarOnline.com is claiming to have witnessed it all, saying that he was "clipped" by the cab as it zoomed past him in front of the Strand Bookstore on Broadway and 12th Street. Pattinson had been inside the bookstore for most of the morning shooting "Remember Me" — a film about two young lovers dealing with family tragedies — and when he emerged from the bookstores, swarms of fans descended upon him. As five security guards tried to escort RPattz across the street in the rain, the taxi grazed the actor.

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