Tweet Dreams: One Star Questions Her 'Hangover,' While Another Ponders An Itch He Can't Scratch

Pete WentzGuess what time it is! Time again to sift through the 140-characters-or-less rants and raves of our fave celebs. Today, an actress had a burning "Hangover" question, an actor kicked it at the DMV and a musician had an itch he couldn't scratch.

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Take a look at who tops our Tweet Dreams list for Thursday, June 18, 2009.

@rainnwilson Me: Sorry about the bad gas. Wife: What's it from? Me: butt.

- Rainn Wilson, Actor ("The Office")

@emmyrossum "Hangover" question how did they make the guy look like he had no tooth? For realz!

- Emmy Rossum, Actress ("The Phantom of the Opera")

@RyanSeacrest question ever. RT @leydyan22: Is there any chance that Francis Coppola would work on the Twilight Saga?

- Ryan Seacrest, T.V./Radio Host ("American Idol")

@David_Henrie I'm at the Disneyland of the vehicle world; DMV.

-David Henrie, Actor ("Wizards of Waverly Place")

@LaurenConrad Topshop is to me like candystore is to kid.

-Lauren Conrad, Reality Star/Author ("The Hills")

@petewentz Woke up to that phantom itch. You know the kind you scratch but never get cause it doesn't exist.

- Pete Wentz, Musician

@Pink I just saw that a paparazzi got a clear shot of my ass. And its on the internet. Good times. Had. By. All.

- Pink, Singer