The Million Dollar Facebook Status, Could Yours Be Next?

By Jett Wells

What were once menial ways to alert your friends about your daily activities or relieve severe boredom, are now apparently platforms for scoring multi-million dollar movie deals.

According to Publisher’s Weekly, agents from the United Talent Agency are shopping around movie and book deals in response to a Facebook status update by former Dreamworks exec Lisa Hamilton Day. Said status update was about — wait for it — her dog's experience with a fortune cookie.

The status read: “Lisa Hamilton Day’s Pomeranian raided Chinese takeout bag overnight, opened and ate a fortune cookie. Her fortune: You have strong spiritual powers, and you should develop them.”

It's kind of crazy that in the same week people are blaming Twitter for the Iranian riots, Facebook status updates have become potentially worth millions of dollars.

Just imagine if Kenny Bania from "Seinfeld" were in the conference meeting with execs talking about this deal at United Talent Agency, he’d yell: “That’s gold, Jerry! Gold!”

Just for the fun of it, we've decided to come up with our own blockbuster-worthy status ... hey, agents are you listening? “Peggy Sue thinks math is for skanks.” And just like that, you’ve got a teen comedy about skanky high school cheerleaders put to the cruel punishment of having to join the mathletes in order to redeem themselves and clear their names after defacing a bathroom stall with those same four words.

Seriously, Crushers, in ten years, Facebook and Twitter could very well be credited for every summer rom com.

So what's on your mind?