New Couple Alert: Lindsay Price And Josh Radnor! (But, We Kinda Already Knew)

Lindsay Price and Josh Radnor Mazel tov to Lindsay Price and Josh Radnor on bringing their relationship out of the proverbial dating closet. It's sweet that these two crazy kids are finally willing to admit that they're dating.

"He's very thoughtful," Lindsay, who was most recently seen on the now-canceled series "Lipstick Jungle," told People about the "How I Met Your Mother" star. "And he's very good at giving gifts … He's the light in the dark space."

That's so cute. There's nothing like two celebrities sharing with the world their love for one another. But, we want to let you guys in our secret: We knew all along! That's right, back in February at the premiere of "He's Just Not that Into You," we caught on to them. While Lindsay was busy graciously walking the red carpet, we saw Josh sneak into the screening through the back door.

We tried to get the dirt out of her, but she wouldn't budge at the time. Still, we're very happy for the attractive TV couple. Mostly because Josh has been buying her cute, thoughtful presents.

"For a TV show she's doing called 'Eastwick,' I actually got her a dictionary about witch terms," he said. How, er, magical!

What do you think about this new couple? And would you like to see Lindsay make an appearance on "How I Met Your Mother?"