GUEST BLOG: A Devoted Edward Cullen Fan Wishes Him Happy Birthday!

Edward and BellaIn honor of the beloved vampire's birthday on Saturday, June 20 (he's turning 108 for those of you doing the math at home!), Hollywood Crush decided to enlist one of Edward Cullen's biggest fans to write a post for us about why she loves the character so much. So, meet Kat, the power behind Edward Cullen Online. And after the jump, be sure to check out our special Edward Cullen flip book, which is filled with pictures of Bella's beau in both "Twilight" and "New Moon."

Hi! I'm Kat a British Twilighter and I run Edward Cullen Online. I took the site over recently but it's been online for a while now. I am a HUGE "Twilight" addict and am building up my collection. So far I have the books, DVD, Edward poster, Rosalie's necklace and Alice's choker — both official movie replica jewelry, which I wear all the time. Also, I should hopefully be getting my "Twilight" book signed by Peter Facinelli (Carlisle) in July, so very excited! Right now I'm looking forward to the "New Moon" movie!

It's Edward Cullen's birthday, and to celebrate here are the top five reasons why he totally rocks my world...

5. He is such a gentleman with good manners and so polite!

4. He can play the piano, which I totally love in a guy.

3. His family rocks! I mean come on, a family of vampires ready to defend you to the death — can't be bad.

2. He has that mysterious and broody way about him, you sort of feel sorry for him but at the same time envy him because he is so cool.

1. My top reason — he's a totally gorgeous and completely charming vampire ... do I really need another reason?

Below, check out our birthday present to the rest of you Edward Cullen fans out there: A flip book filled with pictures of the vamp!