Josh Peck and 'Friday Night Lights' Star Adrianne Palicki Join 'Red Dawn' Cast

Joe JonasFROM MOVIES BLOG: How awesome is it that we’re getting a remake of “Red Dawn”? Seriously. Put aside your kneejerk — and very natural — prejudice against the rising number of remakes and just think about that for a second. The original served up an alternate-present 1980s in which Cold War-era Soviet forces invade America. A group of Midwestern teenagers take up arms against the aggressors, operating under the name of their high school football team, Wolverines. Included in this group are stars Patrick Swayze, Charlie Sheen and C. Thomas Howell. Damn. Straight.

How is an idea like that not screaming for a remake? It’s already been confirmed that “Thor” and “Star Trek” star Chris Hemsworth will be stepping into Swayze’s Jed Eckert role. Now The Hollywood Reporter reveals that “The Wackness” star Josh Peck and “Friday Night Lights” star Adrianne Palicki have also joined the cast.

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