'Love Happens': Aaron Eckhart is a Damaged Good I'd Buy

Aaron EckhartPerhaps it was the Grizzly Adams beard/American flag do-rag combo that blinded me to the awesomeness that is Aaron Eckhart in his breakout role as Julia Roberts' boyfriend in "Erin Brokovich," but I am happy to report that oversight has been rectified, and I've been enjoying the actor's chiseled, shaven face ever since.

The handsome star has a penchant for playing charismatic, yet damaged characters (see Nick Naylor in "Thank You for Smoking" or Harvey Dent/Two-Face in "The Dark Knight"), and his next role alongside Jennifer Aniston in "Love Happens" appears to be no exception. Thank you, newly released trailer for getting me hooked!

In the romantic drama, Aaron plays widower Burke Ryan, who while on business in Seattle promoting his self-help book on loss, meets florist Eloise (played by Ms. Aniston). It turns out that Burke may not be practicing what he preaches though, when it's revealed he never fully dealt with the death of his wife.

That's some meaty stuff, huh? Thankfully, Aaron is at his best when he plays both sides of the coin: strong and vulnerable, and I'm looking forward to seeing him do just that in this film.

On a side note, the title of this flick seems to be the next step in the movie title/love-life parallel Jennifer recently referred to in her Women In Film’s Crystal Award speech. It's no "Everlasting Love With an Adult, Stable Male," but it's a start, right?

Do you count yourself as a member of the Aaron Eckhart fan club? Will you be lining up to see "Love Happens" when it comes out September 18?