Robert Pattinson Fans Continue To Urge You To Respect Him

Robert Pattinson Apparently Hollywood Crush isn't the only site imploring blood-thirsty fans to give Robert Pattinson some breathing room while he films "Remember Me" in New York City. RPattz fan site,, just launched the "Respect Me" campaign (complete with downloadable "Respect Me" banners and accompanying Twitter page asking that the 23-year-old's privacy be safeguarded).

"So, we are really really tired and mad with those girls, the media and fansites that have been publishing things about his PRIVATE life and/or stalking him everywhere," reads a statement on the site. "We know that now he is under the spotlight and everyone wants to know what is he doing or where he is, but there are ways to do so properly. ... He is not an OBJECT, he is a human being that NEEDS to walk, breathe, WORK or even smoke in peace!"

As of this morning, the campaign's Twitter page had just over 200 followers, though I can only assume that number will skyrocket as RPattz fans rush to their favorite Brit's aid. One thing I would like to see come out of this hullabaloo is a set of "Robert Pattinson Appreciation" guidelines. Rule No. 1: Do not touch Robert (hair included) without permission.

Will you be joining the "Respect Me" campaign? What sort of guidelines would you like to enlist?