Who Should Make Hollywood Crush's Own Hottest Bachelor List?

We can't fault People for putting Chace Crawford on the cover of the Hottest Bachelor issue. The guy is a certified babe. And, we'd be more than willing to call him that to his face. But, we aren't sure why Robert Pattinson isn't the magazine's cover boy! He is the heartthrob for our generation.

So, because of RPattz's missing the number-one slot, we decided that perhaps we'd shake up the list a bit, reorganize a few things and maybe toss a few new names into the ring to come up with our own Hollywood Crush Hottest Bachelors list. And, we're not afraid to number the bachelors in order of their hotness. Ready?

10. Shia LaBeouf: He kind of said some odd stuff about his mom recently, so he sits at number 10. We love watching him be all tough on the big screen.

9. Kanye West: Listen, the guy has an amazing sense of style. He likes to go shopping. What else do you need in a boyfriend?

8. Adam Lambert: He's having a moment and that moment makes him one hot bachelor.

7. Ed Westwick: He's such a cad. (Er, at least he plays one on TV.) Plus, this list needs a cad!

6. Taylor Lautner: He beefed up for "New Moon" and he might be dating a Disney princess, so that makes him hot for sure.

5. Zac Efron: He's at number five because he has a — sob! — girlfriend. But, until he puts a ring on it, he's a bachelor!

4. Chace Crawford: We're going to say it; he's the new Zac Efron. Plus, we can't stop thinking about him auditioning for "Footloose" shirtless. Enough said.

3. The Jonas Brothers: People forgot Kevin on their Most Beautiful list! Blasphemy! So, we've made all three JoBros number three. Plus, we really want a song written about us!

2. Chris Pine: Those baby blues melt our heart every time. When does that "Star Trek" convention take place?

1. Robert Pattinson: There's probably no arguments to the fact that RPattz is number one in the collective heart of MTV News. You're in NYC, we're in NYC … where do you want to get lunch?

Who do you think should be the hottest bachelor?