'The Time Traveler's Wife': Could It Be 'The Notebook' Version 2.0?

I was sitting in my apartment alone, red-faced and gasping for air when my phone rang. The conversation went something like this:

Me: "Helloooooooo?"

Friend: "Are you OK?"

Me: "Yesssss. (Sniff) I'm crying over that stupid book you bought me."

And that was the moment I knew "The Time Traveler's Wife" was probably the best book I had ever read. Fast forward a couple of years, and imagine my delight/dismay when I discovered this gem was to be made into a movie. It's not an easy task translating a beloved book into a celluloid classic (Hello, "Twilight"). But after watching the trailer (press play above!) for this sci-fi romance, I'm ready to log on to Fandango and buy my tickets today.

The basic plot summary reads like a page out of star Rachel McAdams' other weepy romance, ahem, "The Notebook." Two young lovers are separated by circumstances not entirely within their control and must find their way back into each other's arms. But that's where the convenient comparisons end, 'cause this couple's got complications Noah and Allie never could have imagined.

Dashing librarian Henry DeTamble (played by Eric Bana) suffers from a genetic disorder that makes him time travel involuntarily (and without his clothes). He pops in and out of Clare's (Rachel) life, first while she is a young girl and later as the two become romantically involved.

I wasn't originally sold on Rachel's casting, but the girl-next-door, emotional vulnerability she brings to the role of Clare has won me over. Oh, Rachel, why must you always pick movies that make me want to buy a stuffed animal to clench while I melt into a pile of goo? (Goodness knows I love you for it!)

What do you think? Could "The Time Traveler's Wife" replace "Notebook" as the all-time best tear-jerker?