'New Moon': Big Eyebrows, Bad Acting & Female RPattz's — Welcome to the World of Spoofs

TwilightJasper as a girl? KStew cliff-dives into a pool? Edward assures Bella that he’s not gay? Welcome to the world of “New Moon” trailer spoofs — a cottage industry as booming these days as your local gourmet cupcake emporium.

In the wake of the recent “New Moon” trailer debut, spoofs have been popping up all over the Internet. Time will tell whether any of their funny plot reinventions come close to the real product that hits theaters next November.

After the jump, we weigh in all the "New Moon" parodies circling the Web.

As far as Kristen Stewart lookalikes go, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better one than the troupe member in the “crunchymonkey777” group — I only hope KStew acts as melodramatic when RPattz dumps her. You’ve got Jacob as a girl, Bella running with scissors, and even Fergie’s “My Humps” — a song we can safely assume will not be on the real “New Moon” soundtrack.

Over at Funny or Die, Edward is convinced that all Bella wants for her birthday is…a watch? Let’s just hope that Chris Weitz is watching, and somehow manages to sneak the line “Eddie, don’t be a douche!” into his “New Moon.” If you dig it, be sure to check out Part 2 (where Jasper reveals his love for OxiClean), Part 3 (where RPattz tells KStew that “Panic Room was a really stupid movie”) and Part 4 (where Laurent’s white skin and bad dreads make him look like the lead singer for Counting Crows).

Even the professionals are getting into the act. We all remember Andy Samberg’s spoof during the Movie Awards and Jimmy Kimmel debuted his own funny clip shortly afterwards. But as much as we appreciate any reference to an obscure Muppet character, Kimmel’s spoof is too short to take it to the next level.

One endearing take on “New Moon” was released before the trailer, but features some interesting work from the obviously British friends who list themselves as “HCHappy cat.” It features women playing the Jackson Rathbone and Edi Gathegi roles, some really bad animation representing the wolves, and a hilarious couch confrontation between Jacob and Alice. Points for the slow-motion scene where Bella reunites with Edward; a deduction, however, for misspelling Stephenie Meyer’s name.

Other spoofs are overly dramatic, feature big-eyebrowed women as RPattz, have Edward dumping Bella because “You’re just so ugly,” or have hilariously dubbed-in voices. Some are waaaay too long or even star the same guy playing every single role and lusting after himself.

And don’t forget: If you want to make your own spoof, we’d be honored to have you upload it to the “Your MTV” site. Just follow the directions on the page, and you’re on your way to becoming the next Spielberg. But please: Try and cast a male as RPattz — some of these visuals are getting a bit disturbing.

It’s a weird, wacky “New Moon” world out there, Twilighters. So, you tell us: What makes for a good spoof? Which is your favorite?