EXCLUSIVE: 'Sorority Row' Set Vist Exposes The 'Deadly' Girls

AudrinaStill on the fence about whether to go see “Sorority Row” this Halloween season? Well, what if we told you that the sexy starlets have a lingerie scene? What if we told you there was a ton of blood and gore? If you don’t like “Hills” star Audrina Patridge, perhaps you’d be tempted by knowing that she dies in the film. And if you do like Audrina, perhaps you’d be tempted by the fact that her death might not be as clear-cut as the trailer makes us think.

“We play a prank with her on her boyfriend in the movie,” explained Briana Evigan when we visited the set, talking about Audrina’s perceived early-exit. “They’re making out on the bed and I walk into the bedroom. [Her sorority sisters] are watching it on the computer, taping the whole thing so that they can be in on the [prank]…She starts foaming at the mouth, and it’s really gross.”

After the jump, check out our on-set video with the "Sorority" sisters.

“This is definitely nothing like ‘The Hills,’” laughed Audrina, revealing that her character’s perceived death opens up a Pandora ’s Box to all sorts of real bloodshed. “We have to make it believable to the audience — especially the deaths — so I’ve been trying my best, and really giving it my all.”

That “all” contributed by Audrina and co-stars Evigan, Rumer Willis, Leah Pipes and Jamie Chung also includes a memorable lingerie scene sure to warm the blood of male viewers – although it left the actresses freezing cold.”[We filmed] a sorority party, and everyone was in pajamas and lingerie,” Audrina remembered of the Pittsburgh shoot last winter, which then leads into a scene with her character being buried. “We filmed all night for three nights in a row, it was like 30 degrees, and I had on a cute little lingerie lacy dress with heels. I had to lay on the dirt at like five in the morning! It was freezing cold — but you’ve just got to suck it up and do it.”

“I went to USC for about a semester — and it traumatized me very much,” laughed Willis. “I was definitely aware of the whole sorority thing.”

On October 2nd, Audrina and her “Sorority” sisters will arrive in theaters, just in time to get you in a scary mood before Halloween. And according to the starlets, the twist-filled movie will have plenty for everyone.

“It’s pretty gory,” grinned Audrina. “It’s very gruesome, and it’s just a really, really great film.”

Are you eager to watch Audrina die? Or are you hoping the twist-filled plot of “Sorority Row” somehow brings her back from the dead?