Liam Hemsworth: We've Got The 411 On Miley's New Co-Star

JigsawBy Selina Kaye

In Miley Cyrus' new movie, "The Last Song," she plays a rebellious a teenager who reconnects with her father after her parents go through a nasty divorce. But the question on everyone's minds these days isn't about the headliner herself. People want to know: Who the heck is this cute boy we've seen Miley making out with on set?

Liam Hemsworth is an actor from Down Under who is best known for his role as Marcus in the Australian television series "The Elephant Princess," a kids' show about a girl who discovers she's a princess. He also appeared on the Aussie soap "Neighbours" with his two brothers Luke and Chris (fun fact: Chris also recently got cast in a buzzworthy role himself. He's getting ready to play the titular character in the adaptation of the comic book "Thor").

Liam's resume only really began two years ago -- his credits also include Nicholas Cage's sci-fi flick "Knowing" and the horror film "Triangle" -- but we're guessing after starring as a BMOC volleyball player in a Nicolas Sparks film with teen queen Miley, he will have no problem landing more roles (or, for that matter, female attention).

Miley recently talked to E! News about her new co-worker: "I got a hot boy. I can't say that too many times, but he is attractive. Not bad to look at for the summer."

What do you think of Liam? Better yet: What do you think of all the juicy beach pictures from the set of "The Last Song"?