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About That Time Kim Kardashian Dressed Up As Posh Spice

Here's something to be thankful for.

We knew Kim Kardashian and Victoria Beckham were at least friend-of-friend-level acquaintances by way of their fashion connections (heyyy, Anna Wintour), but we didn't realize just how much they had in common until now.

Turns out, Kim was a late '90s Spice Girls devotee just like the rest of us -- viva forever! -- and decided to rally up her troops to cosplay as the fabulous fivesome back in the day. And of course she was Posh Spice. Of course she was.

Sharing a tidbit of gratitude mixed with some #TBT nostalgia on Thanksgiving Thursday (Nov. 26), Kim shared this vintage pic of herself and some pals bringing Spice World into their own home. She captioned the snap, "I'm so Thankful that me & my friends were the Spice Girls for our high school talent show! The Spice Girls got me through a lot! #ForeverThankful."

Gotta give her credit for nailing the very Victoria dress and shoes combo -- which, let's be honest, she probably just had laying around in her luxurious-even-then closet. And her slick bob, duck face pout and reach-out maneuver were also perfectly on point. Holler!