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Watch Drizzy (And His Mom) Take Over Toronto For Drake Night

Aubrey's mom must be so proud.

The Toronto Raptors' annual Drake Night was held today (Nov. 25), and of course, Drizzy himself was in attendance. In fact the MC, an ambassador for the squad, was a major part of the festivities. He even made the line-up announcement for his hometown team.

And yes, of course he dropped some hip-hop lines in there. For example, he referenced his own "6 Man" track when introducing Luis Scola. He also compared Kyle Lowry to Ma$e and DeMarre Carroll to PARTYNEXTDOOR. Hilarious.

Check him out as an announcer:

Drake Night also featured a Drizzy touch in other ways. Want some examples?

So, will Drake Night be a good luck charm for the Raps? At half time, the team is tied up with the Cavs.

Win or lose, Drake is definitely still getting mad love from the 6.

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